Our journey began with a vision of encapsulating the essence of tropicalliving in every step, inspired by nature's vibrant hues and the allure of sun-drenched coastlines.

Established in April 2019, BAYOU embodies understated elegance with ourlove for beaches and travel infused through our designs. Nature-inspiredcolors, reflecting the spirit of sunny escapes and leisurely holidays. Eachpair of sandals are crafted to evoke the joy of the ocean breeze and balmysummers, that resonate with the soul of the modern woman!Our production takes place exclusively in factories within Malaysia (Lahat in Ipoh and Ampang and Kuchai Lama in Kuala Lumpur) ensuring adherenceto Fair Wage practices. With our largest distribution hub residing inMalaysia, furthering our dedication to supporting Malaysian-made goods. Beyond our passion for fashion, we are staunch advocates for animalwelfare, conservation, and community development. As we continue in ourpursuit of this, we are underway in plans to develop plant based veganleather to further champion our commitment towards sustainability!

BAYOU is a celebration of diversity, designed for women from all walks of lifeand generations. Because we believe every woman deserves the ease ofcomfort without compromising on style. Whether it's a casual Friday atwork, a leisurely park stroll, or an evening at a chic restaurant, our sandalseffortlessly complement any occasion, empowering women to exudeconfidence and timeless elegance.


Where comfort meets style. Our chic sandals are designed for your leisure, perfect for summer strolls or resort getaways.

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